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Greetings St. Joseph Marello Parish Families,

 During this very uncertain time of closures, distancing, and separation, our God is with us.  At St. Joseph Marello parish, you are in our prayers at each Mass for strength and perseverance.  Parenting today has presented many new challenges to you and we are here to walk with you, and support your family mental, faith, and sacramental needs.  To that end, we wanted to re-introduce ourselves!


Pete Buccola has assumed responsibility to coordinate the K5 Religious Education program, including the sacraments of First Reconciliation and Holy Communion.


Mary Maguire and Lisa Nolette oversee the Edge program for kids in middle-school grades 6-8, including the sacrament of Confirmation.


Lindsey West most recently joined SJM parish as Director of High School Youth Ministry and Young Family Ministry Coordinator.  Her bio is here at https://stjosephmarello. org/


Together, with the support of our pastor, Father Phil Massetti, OSJ, our parish council, and countless other volunteers, we are working diligently to support you this coming school year.  We are thinking differently and creatively this year--especially for communications and parish life...But we need your input!  Please take 10 minutes to provide feedback via this critical survey that will help our team focus our efforts.  

In the meantime, please stay connected with us:  


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Thank you for your time to complete this important survey.  We hope to be back in touch with you very soon!


St. Joseph Marello, pray for us.

St. Joseph, pray for us.


In Christ,


Pete Buccola            Lindsey West                     Mary Maguire & Lisa Nolette

pete@buccola.org   lindseysjmarello@gmail.com    MarelloEdge@gmail.com

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* 1. What best describes your feelings as a parent today? (select all that apply)

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* 2. What ages/grades will all of the children in your family be this year (please select all that apply)?

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* 3. On a scale of 1-100, how are you as a parent feeling about Religious Ed in 2020-2021 at this present time?

Structured Faith Formation is not a priority for my family. Faith Formation is important but we have other priorities, too. We want our faith formation to be a priority.
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

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* 4. Rank from favorite (1) to least favorite (10) aspects of the prior Marello & K5 program.

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* 5. Structure & Frequency: Rank your preference of format for Faith Formation in 2020-2021. Assume full compliance with local authorities & distancing.

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* 6. What percentage of social-distancing do you desire instruction and activities for your child and family at St. Joseph Marello parish? For in-person, assume in accordance with local authorities & distancing.

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* 7. This one is important! How and/or would you be willing to participate in these activities:

  Online Virtual Meetings Activities at Home as Family In-person (per guidelines)
Teaching the faith to your child(ren)
Social activities for your family
Prayer Services and Liturgy
Service/Outreach Opportunities
Monthly Parent Date Night, Speaker/Activity Series
Small Family Faith/Social Groups (3-4 families)
Small Discipleship Groups for Edge & HS Teens
Retreats for K5, Edge & High School
Social Events with Other Parents

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* 8. If sessions were held in-person, rank your preference when held.

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* 9. What support from the parish does your child(ren) need from the parish to know, love, and serve God?

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* 10. What support from the parish do you need for your own faith journey as a parent?

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* 11. Would you utilize a weekly newsletter from SJM Parish Faith Formation containing liturgy resources, ideas, and activities for your family's faith journey?

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* 12. Please provide any comments or feedback to the SJM Family and Faith team:

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