2017 CJMQG WIP It Up Challenge
Who's excited? Our WIP contest runs from January 1st, 2017 until December 31, 2017. This is the survey you will complete when you finish a quilt (and only when it's finished!). Please make sure to read all of the rules/explanations before continuing. Thank you! If you have any questions, please email me at centraljerseymqg@gmail.com.

*This contest is a fun way for us to work on our WIPs (works in progress) and cheer each other along!

*You must be a current 2017 - 2018 member of the CJMQG to participate in this contest. Those who join the guild during the year are welcome to join!

*This contest is only for finished quilts or mini quilts, which are not created for compensation or as part of a business. The quilt must be greater than 14” in all dimensions. No mug rugs, table runners, garments, bags, etc. You can always bring these sewn items in to share for Show and Tell at meetings, but they will not count towards your WIP It Up points.

*A finish constitutes a quilt that is completely quilted and bound.

*For each finish that you enter on this form (and are verified for), you will receive entries into a drawing in January 2018. There will be several fabric prizes and possibly gift certificates up for grabs.

*To verify, you must either bring it to the meeting, send us a picture through email (centraljerseymqg@gmail.com), or tag #cjmqg on Instagram. You will pick one option below. If I can't verify your entry, I can't give you the raffle entries.

* The contest officially starts today at whatever stage your quilts are at as of January 1, 2017! Also, throughout the year, you can start new projects and finish them as part of the contest (they don’t have to be current WIPs).

*How are the raffle entries calculated?
Quilt Size = Length Side 1 x Length Side 2
Quilt Points = Quilt Size x Finish Multiplier (1 = Finish, 2 = Quilt & Finish, 3 = Piece, Quilt & Finish)

20 x 20 quilt, which was pieced, quilted and bound -> 120 points
20 x 20 quilt, which was quilter and bound -> 80 points
20 x 20 quilt, which was bound and labeled -> 40 points

Good luck and happy sewing! This is going to be a fun year!

* What is your name? (use the same name each time)

* What is your quilt called?

* When did you finish the quilt?


* When did you finish the quilt? [Free text entry]

* When did you start the quilt [Year 1900 - 2017]? 

* Do you have a story to share about this quilt?

* Size of Quilt  - Side 1 (in whole inches)

* Size of Quilt - Side 2 (in whole inches)

* Please verify your finish by doing one of the following:
Feel free to bring to the next meeting no matter what!