* 1. At which Rural Development location did you receive assistance?

* 2. Which program area were you interested in when contacting Rural Development?

* 3. Was your experience with Rural Development better than you expected it to be, worse than you expected it to be, or about what you expected it to be?

* 4. How knowledgeable were the customer service representatives at USDA Rural Development?

* 5. How strongly do you recommend USDA Rural Development?

* 6. How respectful of your time are the employees at Rural Development?

* 7. How important do the employees at USDA Rural Development make you feel?

* 8. Please rate our response to request(s) for information (written or verbal) and the quality of explanation of our program requirements.

  Poor Fair Good Excellent
Response time

* 9. Do you have any additional comments about Rural Development which you would like to share?