* 1. The following is a list of Township-owned parks: - Boardman Valley Nature Preserve; - Grand Traverse Commons Natural Area; - Kids Creek Park; - Miller Creek Nature Reserve; - Silver Lake Recreation Recreation Area. For the purposes of this study, please consider ONLY the above Township-owned parks. Of the Township-owned parks, which parks did you know existed?

  I Knew This Park Existed I Did Not Know This Park Existed
Boardman Valley Nature Preserve
Grand Traverse Commons Natural Area
Kids Creek Park
Miller Creek Nature Reserve 
Silver Lake Recreation Area

* 2. Roughly how many times did you go to each of the following Township parks within the last two years?

  0 times 1-5 times 6-10 times 11-20 times More than 20 times
Boardman Valley Nature Preserve
Grand Traverse Commons Natural Area 
Kids Creek Park
Miller Creek Nature Reserve 
Silver Lake Recreation Area

* 3. Why did you visit the Township park(s)?

* 4. What do you like about the Township parks? What could be done to improve the Township parks? 

* 5. Please rate the existing Township park system in the following categories: 

  Poor Fair Neutral  Good  Great
Amount of Parkland
Number of Parks
Location of Parks
Variety of Recreational Opportunities within Parks
Handicap Access
Convenient Location

* 6. Do you believe there is a need for the following facilities in Garfield Township? (If the facilities already exist, are more needed?)

  No  Neutral  Yes
Baseball/Softball Fields
Basketball Courts
Beach Access 
Beach Volleyball
Disc Golf 
Dog Park 
Equestrian Trails
Mountain Bike Trails
Nature Center/Gardens
Outdoor Ice Rink 
Paved Bike Paths
Pickleball Courts 
Picnic Shelter
Shuffleboard/Bocce Ball
Skateboard/Bike Park 
Sledding Hill 
Snowmobile/ATV Trails
Swimming Pool 
Tennis Courts
Walk/Hike/Jog Trail
XC Skiing Trails

* 7. In considering priorities for the next five years, how important are each of the following? 

  Not Important Somewhat Important Neutral  Important Very Important 
Building pathways to connect neighborhoods to schools, parks, entertainment, etc.
Building regional trail connections 
Acquiring more park land
Developing smaller neighborhood parks throughout the Township
Improving the maintenance of existing parks
Expanding the amenities and activities available at parks
Improving barrier-free accessibility at parks
Increasing fishing/hunting opportunities
Increasing boating opportunities
Acquiring land to preserve natural areas, wetlands, habitat areas, and other similar resources