Thank you for taking 5 minutes to provide your valuable input and observations to the SJD Youth Board, the Youth Staff and our Clergy. As we begin the search for the next Director of Youth Ministry, it is important to confirm the Mission and Values of our Youth Ministry but also to consider suggestions for taking this important ministry to the next level. Your responses are anonymous unless you choose to include your name and contact information. Thank you for your prayers for and your support of our Youth!

* 1. Tell us about your children

* 2. What is the distance between your home and SJD?

* 3. If you have children who currently (or have previously) participated in Youth Ministry at SJD, did they participate in (check all that apply)

* 4. If you have children who are age eligible to participate in Youth Ministry but do not, will you share your thoughts on the reasons they do not participate?

* 5. Do you consider yourself a reasonably active member of St. John the Divine?

* 6. On a scale of 1-5 with 1 being “strongly agree” 3 being “agree somewhat” and 5 being “strongly disagree” please indicate your agreement with the following statements

  Strongly Agree Agree Agree Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree
Youth Ministry is foundational to supporting our SJD families and sustaining and growing SJD
The SJD Youth Ministry has gained momentum over the past five years
We are satisfied with the Youth Ministry offerings at SJD

* 7. Please complete the following sentence with one of the choices below: SJD dedicates [adequate, too many, too few] resources to Youth Ministry

* 8. Please indicate your agreement with / support of the Mission Statement of SJD Youth Ministry

  Strongly Agree / Support Agree / Support Somewhat Agree / Support Disagree / Do not support Storngly Disagree
Our Mission: “Through worship, study, community and service, St. John the Divine Youth Ministry seeks to transform youth and their families into committed disciples of Jesus Christ.”

* 9. I agree with / am supportive of the Values of SJD Youth Ministry

  Strongly agree / support Agree / support Somewhat agree / support Disagree / do not support Strongly disagree / do not support
Our Values: We are Bible-based, Christ-centered, spirit-led, prayerful, joyful, relational, missional.

* 10. Rate your level of agreement / support of the conclusions of the open working group sessions (held in the Fall of 2012) concerning the aspirations of the SJD Youth Ministry: “How we want SJD Youth Ministry to be known”

  Strongly Agree / Support Agree / Support Somewhat Agree / Support Disagree / Do not support Stongly Disagree
SJD Youth Ministry is a loving and supportive community of people who live out our faith and strive to help others live their faith in the real world.
We’ve made mistakes… so we understand grace
The SJD Youth Ministry is Genuine in our Faith
In the SJD Youth Ministry, there is a Focus on Discipleship
The Youth Ministry at SJD is a Family Oriented Ministry

* 11. Please provide any comments on the Mission, Values or Aspirations of SJD Youth Ministry as outlined above

* 12. Enter 3 words that best describe the SJD Youth Ministry

* 13. Enter 3 words that best describe the ideal candidate to serve as the next Director of Youth Ministry

* 14. If you would like to become more involved in SJD Youth Ministry, please take a moment and indicate where you would like to assist and BE SURE to include your name and email in the comment box below

* 15. Please provide any other comments or input. Remember this survey is anonymous unless you give us your identify