489 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA 02474
Kyle Russell, email: Kyle@PortalCrystalGallery.com

Please read through all this information - by filling in and submitting this Survey - you agree to the terms laid out here.

First some background: Portal Gallery is a new store (opening 9/23), which exhibits and sells high quality Crystals, Wellness, and outstanding wall Art, created by Artists from near and far. We are seeking material to exhibit and turn over at least every 4 weeks. We will also be hosting Practitioners and Classes in the Gallery and Session room spaces.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications are being accepted on an ongoing basis, for current and future shows.

ELIGIBILITY: This call for submissions is open to all Artists able to hand-deliver their work to Portal Gallery and install the exhibit in a professional and aesthetic manner. The Gallery owner (Kyle Russell) and/or assisting curator(s) will be selecting which pieces are going to be shown.


DESCRIPTION OF EXHIBIT OPPORTUNITY: The art gallery has a dedicated section of the shop, and is open to the public during regular business hours (generally 11-7 daily), including weekends. Steps will be taken to inform & update all staff regarding the artwork on the exhibit.

Semi-monthly Open Houses will be held, during which the Artist will be invited to be present, and perhaps speak briefly about their work.

2D art will be hung with a locking mechanism at all times. Exhibits tend to feature a main artist with other selected artists who may exhibit one to three works on an adjacent wall.

EXHIBIT DURATION: Exhibits rotate on a semi-monthly basis. Artists are encouraged to plan events around the exhibition, in consultation with the Gallery owners. Being present at the Opening is required - generally held on a Friday night - and being present that Saturday is also recommended.


Gallery space consists of 3 connected walls in a U shape, approximately 12, 13, and 14 feet wide, with a 4th wall facing the other 3 (exact measurements & ceiling height forthcoming). We have a secure hanging system (locking hooks), basic fluorescent (to be converted to LED) lighting, and do not have track or spot lighting. A quote from 1000Bulbs: "With the use of LEDs, not only is art preserved, but energy costs are reduced and artistic beauty is enhanced for years to come."

All works on paper must be professionally framed

INSURANCE: we will take the utmost care in the handling of all artwork; however, artists are encouraged to carry their own insurance from the time of delivery to Portal Gallery until the close of the exhibit, as Portal Gallery does not carry insurance for non-owned artwork. By showcasing your art at Portal, you agree to hold the Gallery harmless from any liability for theft or damage of your work. Artists will be asked to sign an insurance waiver upon delivery.

PRICING AND COMMISSION: we are not afraid to charge "high" prices for your art, but please price your art to sell, because our goal ultimately, is to get it into happy buyer's hands.

ALL ARTWORK WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR SALE (unless otherwise agreed). Portal Gallery will retain 30%  commission on any work sold. You will receive a check for your sold items within a week of the exhibit's end.

Artists must have a printed price list and each artwork must have a clearly printed sturdy label indicating the art title, size, medium and price attached by the side of the art.

In the event of an inquiry, Portal Gallery will alert the artist with the inquirer’s contact information.


Applications will be reviewed by Portal Gallery’s Art Selection Committee and said Committee reserves the right to decline any or all applications.

* 1. Your Contact Information


Portal Gallery may from time to time use the images on display for publicity purposes (print media including newspaper, newsletter etc.). Selected artists will be asked to sign a limited use image waiver. The artist’s name and title of the work of art will at all times be included with image then used for publicity.

We encourage all selected artists to actively publicize their work in the exhibit and reach out to all contacts to maximize the impact and attendance to the events during the time of the exhibit.

Indeed having your own promotional “machinery” is taken into consideration alongside your work, so please fill out all the requested information regarding your community outreach.