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Please read through ALL this information. By filling in and submitting this Survey, it's assumed you understand and agree to all terms listed. Any additional arrangements we arrive at can be specified independently.

Rapid and thorough Communication are key to building any successful relationship - so as soon as you hear from us - please respond. Likewise - if you don’t hear back from us - feel free to follow up and let us know you’re hoping to hear back from us.

We use PortalPromotions@gmail.com to organize our dialog with Artists & Renters, but you can also reach out to Kyle@PortalCrystalGallery.com for a quicker Reply.

First some background information. Portal Crystal Gallery (also called Portal Gallery and Portal Art Gallery) hosts an extensive selection of high quality minerals, as well as a number of classes. Since opening in late 2017, various Artists have exhibited according to the usual commission arrangement, with exhibits ranging in length from 4 to 12 weeks. They received 65% of each Sale’s gross, with only some Advertising and Reception costs paid up front.

For a number of reasons, specifically because our overhead and extensive efforts have not historically been compensated, we’ve changed our business model.

Starting in 2019, our Gallery space will only become available on Rent / Service Fee versus Commission basis. In other words, you’ll pay an agreed-upon fee up front - either for Rent alone, or for our additional promotional Services as well - which will be counted against your commission. Whichever is the greater, that’s what the Gallery will hold onto.

For example, if you paid $10 rent and $10 for services - or $20 total up front - that would be pitted against our traditional 35%. So if you sold $100 of items, you’d pay $35 to us, or rather we’d pay you $65 after those Sales were complete. If you sold only $10 in items, you’d pay the initially furnished $20 only.

We have much to offer. Read on if this is an arrangement you could imagine. We look forward to hosting you and your Art, if the time is right.

CLICK THROUGH TO THE "CALL TO ARTISTS" BLOG POST to see our offerings & pricing: https://portalcrystalgallery.com/call-to-artists-exhibit-at-portal-art-gallery/

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We encourage all selected artists to actively publicize their exhibit. Your relationship to your audience is the #1 indicator of the potential success of your exhibit.

Having your own promotional “machinery” in place is taken into consideration alongside your work, so please fill out ALL the requested information regarding your community outreach.