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* 4. Please select all the women's handbag brands that you own. 
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* 5. Please select the brands you have purchased in the past year. 
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* 6. How much would you spend online to purchase a designer leather handbag?

* 7. What do you love about your favorite bags? Please check all that apply.

* 8. When purchasing a handbag, do you look for outside pockets (i.e. for your phone, bus/ train pass, ipod)?

* 9. How do you typically wear your handbag?

* 10. What are some of your favorite handbag websites?

* 11. What are your favorite handbag colors?

* 12. Would you be interested in purchasing a luxury leather handbag that was also eco-friendly (i.e. vegetable tanned leather, non-toxic dyes) ?

* 13. If a percentage of the proceeds from a handbag purchase that you made were being donated to a non profit organization, would you be more inclined to purchase, less inclined to purchase or indifferent?

* 14. What is your favorite type of handbag?