Please provide SJA's Leadership Team with some feedback regarding your Sunday Experience!

* 2. Date of the Mass you are providing feedback for:

Date / Time

* 3. How was the celebrant of this mass?

* 4. Who gave the homily at this mass?

* 5. Overall, would you say you were nourished at this liturgy?

* 6. Please provide some comments about the music at this mass.

* 7. Please provide some comments about the homily at this mass.  Was it well delivered?  Was the content understandable and/or relevant?  Did it give you something to think about during the week?

* 8. Please list any distractions at this mass.

* 9. What did you like most about this mass?

* 10. What could we have done to improve THIS mass?

* 11. What could be done to improve the overall Sunday experience at SJA?