In South Australia, we have excellent public sector abortion services, yet abortion remains in the criminal law.

The current restrictions are:
  • All abortions must be performed in a ‘prescribed hospital’
  • two doctors must decide whether someone is 'eligible' for an abortion'
  • Abortions are only available to SA residents
  • SA’s legislation pre-dates the availability of early medical abortion (tablets)
For both women and their doctors, these restrictions, written nearly 50 years ago, can become a barrier to accessing and providing best practice, contemporary abortion care in South Australia. In order to change things - we need to hear your stories about how you (or someone close to you) have found accessing abortion - whether easy or not. Stories can be much more impactful for politicians and the community to hear, and will greatly assist in the campaign for the repeal of existing abortion law. We are also particularly interested in stories of those living in regional and remote areas.

Your sharing options
  1. You have the option of remaining anonymous, in which case your story may be shared anonymously on our facebook, website, or other materials. Please be careful to leave out details of your story that may be able to identify you (e.g. location/specifics etc).
  2. You also have the option of providing your details if you are interested in sharing your story publicly for the benefit of other people and the campaign (e.g. speaking to a politician, being in a video etc). In this instance, if we are interested in having you share your own story, we will contact you and discuss this process first.

The South Australian Abortion Action Coalition (saaac) is a broad coalition of people whose goal is to improve access to abortion in South Australia. Members have diverse backgrounds, including the medical, legal, academic, social justice, and advocacy professions.

For more information on the South Australian Abortion Action Coalition, please find our website here:

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