Business Access Award - Nomination Form

Recognises the efforts of local business owners in accommodating the needs of people with limited accessibility.

Why is it important to provide good access?

If your business is not accessible, people may avoid using it and tell others about their experiences.
In the City of Canada Bay, the following people may not purchase from your premises due to inaccessibility:
  • 3,675 people or 4.2% of people who have a disability
  • 8,968 people or 10.2% of people who are over 70 years old
  • 5463 people or 6.2% of the population who are under 5 years old and their parents. 
Therefore, 31.8% of our local population experience difficulty in shopping and dining. (Source: ABS Census 2016)
Quality service is one of the most important things you can offer all of your customers. Providing access to your shop or building, and services, is the cornerstone of ‘good business’. 

Assessment criteria 
Range of accessibility measures described

  • Abbotsford Family Pharmacy

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