2018 MWA Corporate Membership form

The Municipal Waste Association is now accepting membership renewals on line. We have expanded the information requirements so that we may use the data to form a comprehensive membership directory that is available to all members.
We want to be sure that our member information is as up-to-date as possible.

* 1. Contact information for the person completing the survey.
(This is so we have a contact for follow-up questions, if necessary. The names and contact information you provide further down will be used in the directory.)

* 2. Basic information about your company

* 3. Main contact person.
This is the person who is considered your representative. This person will receive member correspondence, will be added to the corporate email list and will receive the MWA newsletter by mail.
(We will assume this person has the same mailing address as above, unless you indicate otherwise.)

Membership fees
Membership fees run from January 1 to December 31 of a given year*.
The Corporate Member's fee is $390.00 per year. Please note we are now collecting HST so please add 13% ($50.70) for a total of $440.70.
NOTE: Renewal notices were sent to existing MWA Corporate members in early December. If you need another copy, please call the MWA office at 519 823-1990.

* NOTE: New members joining part way through the year should contact Trevor Barton at the MWA office for a discounted fee: Call (519) 823-1990 or email trevor@municipalwaste.ca.

* 4. Payment method:

* 5. Committees
If you are interested in serving on one of the MWA committees, please indicate which and your information will be passed to the committee chair.

Anyone else? Please add the name and department of someone else in your company people may want to contact. This information will become part of our online members' directory. (If there are more than one you could always add the information to the next question.)

Other services which may be of interest to others or additional people our members may wish to contact (or both).
This is where you may take a few lines to highlight any aspect of your company you would like to share with others - 10 lines maximum please. This information will also become part of our online members' directory.