* 1. How do you measure success in social media?

* 2. Provide an example of your marketing success with links so that we may see the campaign.

* 3. What 3 social media tools do you find most useful?

* 4. Which metrics do you see as most important for measuring customer service? Why?

* 5. Tell us about a previous time when you have “saved the sale” What did you do? Why did it work?

* 6. Have you done phone calls for sales, customer service, or support? Did you like this? Do you prefer inbound or outbound calls? 

* 7. A customer asks if we have a hard to find limited edition item. Our team will try to locate it in the marketplace for him, but it may take some time. How do you reply to this inquirer?

* 8. Identify writing projects you are most proud of? Explain why.

* 9. Rate yourself in Excel, 1-5? Expert would be 1. 

* 10. What is your desired compensation?

* 11. Full name

* 12. Email

* 13. Link to your Linked-In profile