Welcome to the 2022 SITE Canada ICE Awards submission website.  This link is accepting submissions for the PROGRAM EXCELLENCE category.  Please ensure you are submitting for the correct category.  Notes: One program may be submitted per award category. The same program may not be used twice. Also, SITE Canada ICE Award recipients must be a SITE Canada member and whose membership is in good standing at time of submission and has developed, created, and managed a program during the qualification period.

The qualification period for this award is January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022.

The deadline for submissions is February 10, 2023.

SITE Canada ICE Award Winners will receive:
  • SITE Canada ICE Award
  • Use of ICE logo on website, business cards & email signature
  • Announcement on SITE Canada website
  • Article in InSITEs & Inspiration
Award winners will be announced at the SITE Canada Annual General Meeting. All entrants will receive recognition at the AGM and in InSITEs & Inspiration.

SITE Canada Program Excellence ICE Award

Program can be in any destination in the world.

The objective of this prestigious award is to recognize an incentive program designed and managed by a SITE Canada member, and applies to both group and individual travel incentive programs.

This category is applicable to any SITE Canada member who has developed and managed an outstanding incentive program and whose membership is in good standing. Creativity and unique approaches in highlighting the destination and program will be key factors. Entrants are asked to share feedback from attendees and how it resulted in ROI to the company.

Entry Guidelines and Criteria:

Entries in this category will be awarded points, based on the criteria below. There are 100 total points with 10 bonus points. The bonus points will be given based on unique elements such as CSR programs (but are not limited to CSR programs).

Please note: A minimum score of 70 must be achieved to be considered for an ICE Award.
  • Objectives of incentive program including metrics – 20 points
  • Budget optimization –  15points
  • Creativity, Destination and Culture – 40 points
  • Overcoming challenges and/or innovative execution – 15 points
  • Program Sustainability Initiatives - 10 points
  • Bonus points will be given to any applicant who illustrates exceptional performance in any of the above 4 categories as well as CSR – maximum 10 points
Objectives of incentive program including metrics
Provide detailed objectives for organizing this incentive program. Outline the metrics and show specific ROI as a result of running the program. Letters, testimonials and survey results supporting the success of the program may be included.

Budget optimization
Outline the budget and the parameters within which you had to work. There is no limit on the budget amount for this category. Show examples of how you provided unique value and creativity to your client.

Creativity of Program + Destination and Culture
Describe how your program was unique and creative. Share ideas of how you engaged the participants and provided them with lifetime experiences that they will treasure for years to come. Entrants should showcase how they featured the destination in a unique way to the attendees. How did the attendees learn from engaging activities and motivational experiences? How was the culture unique to this destination, versus others, and how was this showcased?

Overcoming challenges and/or innovative execution
Provide examples of challenges you encountered leading up to the program, or at the destination, and how you provided solutions. If you did not encounter challenges during the planning process, outline the innovative and/or proactive aspects of your process that created the successful program. Describe in full detail.
How to apply for the SITE Canada Program Excellence ICE Award:

SITE Canada is accepting online applications only.  Applications and/or supporting materials will not be accepted at the SITE Canada office.

Please click "Next" below to begin your application.  Note: once you begin your submission, you cannot save your application, so prepare all of your pieces prior to starting your online submission.

Applicants are expected to provide written answers to the sections listed above and attach any supporting materials to the online form.  All application pieces must comply with the capacity of the submission form. 

Supporting materials could include (maximum file size 16 MB):
  • marketing materials, brochures
  • photos, PowerPoints
  • video (not more than 3 mins) (optional)
  • metric measurements
  • post-evaluation survey summary
  • supporting partner material, i.e. letters from destination hotel partners, A/V company, etc.
SITE Canada looks forward to reviewing your submission!