SIM Detroit RISE Program Overview

The SIM Detroit RISE Leadership program is a 10-month program beginning in January and concludes with a graduation ceremony in November.  Our structured curriculum includes practical learning experiences designed to enable career advancement, develop leadership behaviors and foster community involvement. The program includes one-on-one, community and executive interactions involving participation from the mentee, mentor, executive sponsor and program alumni.  Mentees must complete all assignments in a timely fashion as a requirement for graduation.  

The leadership program is designed to accelerate the development of the mentee/mentor relationship, bring focus to mentee's career development and expose mentees to industry trends.  The mentee will complete individual assignments and a team community give-back project. Networking is a critical element and opportunities to build relationships are provided throughout the curriculum period.  The program brings together career-minded, entrepreneurial-spirited individuals with experienced mentors to foster talent and retain competitive human resources statewide.

This program is for candidates who are seeking advancement toward management or advanced position of leadership within their company or community.  Program candidates should be proficient in managing a function area, project/program, services or may be consider a subject matter expert in a professional area.

The total Tuition fee is $1,000 and SIM Detroit will contribute $200 help cover the cost of program tuition. 
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