1. Introductory statements


This Web 2.0 and Social Media Learning Opportunity is organized and run by the SIMAD University and will take place from 22-26 March 2017 at the university, Wadada Warshaddaha, Mogadishu, Somalia.

Registration fees apply as CTA provides only content-related support, and implementation costs are shouldered by SIMAD University. The course fee is 30 USD (10 USD for registration and 20 USD for the issuance of the attendance certificate). After completing this registration, the university will contact you by phone to arrange payments.

You have to complete this registration form which will inform the trainers about your level of competencies. CTA will use these data for monitoring and later evaluation of the quality of the course.

NB: In this form, an asterisk (*) indicates that you MUST make an entry in that item. If you do not, you cannot continue to the next question. On the last page click "Done" to submit.

Only affirmative responses to the two statements below will allow you to proceed to complete the questionnaire and register for the course.

* 1. I do understand that my organisation or I will be fully responsible for all costs related to my participation in the event, including course fees, travel, accommodation and subsistence.

* 2. I confirm that I will be in the position to use my own WIFI - enabled laptop during the event.

* 3. I confirm that I will be in the position to attend the Learning Opportunity for its entire duration (5 days).