Social Impact Mastermind: A Transformational Journey Towards Antiracism

Congratulations on taking the first step towards joining the social impact mastermind. The mastermind creates a brave space for conversations about race and social change.

This mastermind is purposed to consider the following question: Should we continue to advance or ignore a system that breeds racism and division? Alternatively, what if we seek social change through personal transformation?
There is no obligation or commitment with this application. It simply opens the door to a conversation about your interest in joining the mastermind.

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Question Title

* 2. Tell me your story: Describe your mindset on the issues of race and racism. How has racism impacted your life? What prompted you to reach out to me at this particular time? 

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* 3. Problem Awareness and Root Cause Analysis: I understand the problem of racism and where it comes from.

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* 4. Empathy: I care about the problem of racism and the people it harms.

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* 5. Strategy and Sacrifice: I am willing to work towards correcting the problem of racism through personal transformation.

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* 6. What is your true desire for the outcome of this Discovery Call?


The next step is to schedule your Mastermind Discovery Call.

Once your application is reviewed, you will receive the link to schedule your Mastermind Discovery Call with Anita.

Looking forward to speaking with you!