1. Monthly Summary

The purpose of the log is to discuss the progress that your Center has made during the previous month. The data from the log will also be used to help the priority schools to meet and exceed their current goals.

* 1. Your Center:

* 3. Describe areas in which your Center has made progress on goals/objectives in the last month.

* 4. Discuss any major challenges your Center is facing in effectively implementing activities, achieving desired outcomes, and/or completing goals. Specify:

• The origin of the challenge (from what conditions does the challenge(s) arise, or out of what set of conditions is the challenge generated?)
• How does the challenge constrain project action?
• What steps are being considered and/or taken to resolve the challenge?
• What progress has been made towards resolving the challenge?

* 5. Please enter a brief, narrative description of the professional activities completed this month which includes the following:
-Description of the audience.
-How the activity was delivered.
-Content of the activity.
(For example – post-secondary transition workshop for all faculty at Cohort 1 schools or parent training at Blue Moon Elementary PTO meeting).

* 6. Are budget allocations being expended as planned?

• Have any unexpected expenditures arisen? If so, please explain.
• Do you anticipate any major changes to allocated budget amounts by line item which may require modification at this point? Explain.

* 7. Additional Comments: