1. Rationale

Home Economics Institute of Australia (HEIA) NSW division, aims to provide its members with materials and information they find useful and effective in delivering TAS - Food Technology, Textiles, Hospitality, CAFS courses to secondary students.
In order to gauge your need for the most suitable resources, HEIA is asking you to complete the following short survey.
Please complete the following questions, and email or mail your responses to:
secretary-heia.nsw@hotmail.com or PO Box 6170 West Gosford 2250

1. Is your school a member of Home Economics Institute Australia (NSW division)? If yes, proceed to Question 5.

2. Is your School aware of Home Economics Institute Australia?

3. Has your School ever seen any correspondence from Home Economics Institute Australia (NSW)?

4. If the school is aware of HEIA but is not a member, please indicate reasons why.

5. What teaching resources would you like to see HEIA develop (check more then one box)

6. Which format would you most prefer to access resources?

7. Other comments:

Thank you for your time in completing this survey