We want you to experience academic success at Jonesboro High School. You have been asked to take this survey because of one or more factors: (1) You failed at least one class; (2) You received at least one discipline; and/or (3) You have missed three school days. Because we care, we want to learn the best strategies in your opinion that will help you become a more successful student.

* 1. Is this your first time in 9th grade?

* 2. Did you fail a class on your mid-term report card?

* 3. If yes, how many classes did you fail?

* 4. Which subjects did you fail?

* 5. In your own words, why are you failing the class (es)

* 6. How often are you absent or tardy from the subjects that you failed?

* 7. How often do you complete homework assignments?

* 8. How often do you attend after school tutorial sessions?

* 9. Are you comfortable asking questions when you don't understand?

* 10. What do you do when you don't understand assignments or instructional delivery?

* 11. Does your teacher know when you don't understand?

* 12. When you don't understand, how does your teacher respond to your need?

* 13. How often are students required to utilize technology in order to complete assignments in your class (es)? (This does NOT include the teacher using the projector).

* 14. What do you want your teachers to know about you and the way you learn best?