Dear Parent or Guardian of a Shiner High School student,

Shiner ISD is conducting a comprehensive needs assessment for our district.  The information you provide will be used to create the goals of our Campus and District Improvement Plans.  It is important to have your honest and serious input to create the best plans possible to meet our needs.

You may complete one survey for each campus if you have children attending both Elementary and High School.

Included in this assessment are questions regarding educational opportunities, teaching, school climate, social behavior, facilities, technology, and extra curricular activities.  

Thank you for your cooperation and input.  We appreciate your time and effort in completing and returning these surveys.

The Shiner ISD District Improvement Planning Committee
 Note: This survey is intended for parents or guardians of Shiner ISD students only.
Please select Yes or No.

* 1. My child is prepared for the next grade or school level by the end of the year.

* 2. My school offers quality educational programs and a variety of courses.

* 3. My child has homework that helps him/her learn better.

* 4. The homework load is grade level/course appropriate.

* 5. I oversee and stress the importance of homework.

* 6. The school emphasizes higher-level thinking and problem solving skills.

* 7. Teachers tell me how well my child is doing in his/her class.

* 8. At the beginning of the school year or semester, my child’s teacher(s) clearly tells me what he or she is expected to learn.

* 9. The school expects all students to do high quality work.

* 10. Teacher(s) provide extra help when my child needs it.

* 11. School activities are available to meet my child’s interests and talents (for example, sports, clubs, music).

* 12. The school’s programs meet the special needs of children (for example, learning disabled, gifted and talented, limited English).

* 13. My child’s teachers are well-prepared and know what they are doing.

* 14. The school continually seeks ways to improve its programs and activities to promote student achievement.

* 15. The state-mandated test results and my child’s grades are reported to me in an appropriate way.

* 16. I feel that curriculum and testing at SISD prepare students for the future.

* 17. My child feels safe at school.

* 18. If my child became ill or injured at school, he/she would get the care needed.

* 19. Most of the students at my child’s school are well-behaved.

* 20. The school handles discipline problems quickly and in accordance with district policy.

* 21. My child’s school is orderly and supports learning.

* 22. I can freely express my opinions or concerns to the school staff.

* 23. I am comfortable coming to the school.

* 24. The parents and the school can talk with one another openly and with respect.

* 25. My child’s teachers really care about and respect the students.

* 26. I feel my child is free from threats, bullying, and harassment at school.

* 27. Parents participate in important decisions about their children’s education (for example, schedules, discipline, homework).

* 28. The school leadership supports efforts and decisions of the school staff regarding student learning.

* 29. My child’s school encourages me to attend school events by scheduling them at appropriate times.

* 30. The school responds to parent concerns or suggestions in a timely manner.

* 31. The school welcomes and encourages parents to be involved in all kinds of ways (for example, PTO, classroom volunteers, tutoring their children at home).

* 32. I take part in and support school and classroom activities.

* 33. The school keeps me informed about what goes on at the school.

* 34. The school clearly tells me the school’s goals and vision.

* 35. I talk to my child about school regularly.

* 36. Overall, I am satisfied with my child’s school.

* 37. I would recommend my child’s school to other parents.

* 38. There is a positive atmosphere at SISD.

* 39. There is mutual respect between teachers, principals, and students.

* 40. I respect my child’s teachers.

* 41. I stress the importance of attendance and being on time for school to my child.

* 42. The principal is available for discussion and maintains open communication with parents.

* 43. SISD teachers are available for parent-teacher conferences.

* 44. Student accomplishments and achievements are featured in community newspapers and other media adequately.

* 45. My child’s school is clean and well-maintained.

* 46. At school, students have regular access to computers for their schoolwork.

* 47. Students have enough supplies, materials, and textbooks to help them with their studies.

* 48. There are enough resources available to the school to sustain its educational programs (for example, money, equipment, staff).

* 49. My child is learning the technology needed for college or a career.

* 50. There are a variety of career and technology classes offered for my child.

* 51. My child feels safe on the bus.

* 52. My child is transported to and from school safely.

* 53. My child is transported to and from school in a timely manner.

* 54. Appropriate accommodations are made for disabled students and visitors.