Volunteer to Help with Safety, Health and Survival Section. What is SHS Staging?

SHS Staging is an initiative to pre-register, manage, list of SHS volunteers who have agreed to help in responding to all types of needs for the IAFC and SHS.  The SHS  Staging registration list is our effort to make sure that we keep our list of safety minded professionals current so that the SHS Board can be quickly identify and fill needs for specific projects as they occur throughout the year. Why Safety, Health and Survival Section would like to know about you and your credentials is so that they can be properly matched and utilized in response to a specific IAFC SHS need. Please fill out and return the attached information Survey so we can do the best job in safety for the fire service, as the SHS Section has one clear mission: reduce the number of preventable line of duty deaths and injuries in our fire service. History should long remember that it was us in this time that did everything in our power to help bring our brother and sister firefighters home from every alarm.  We ask that you Join the Safety, Health and Survival Section to serve on the Staging Group. 

* 1. To Volunteer please complete the informational form survey:

* 2. Safety, Health and Survival Section Membership link. Answer

* 3. How long have you been a member of the Safety, Health and Survival Section?

* 4. Who is recommending you or suggested you to participate with SHS?

* 5. Do you represent your fire department or other interest on any national or regional safety like committee?

* 6. What SHS events, meetings, etc. have you participated in in the last three years?

* 7. Description, of your department and role within the organization?

* 8. What is your greatest strength?  

* 9. How does it help you when you volunteer? 

* 10. How much time would you like to volunteer?

* 11. Why are you interested in volunteering? 

* 12. Why do you think you’d be a good fit SHS Staging?

* 13. Select any area of interest you may want to help on?