* 1. There are several items that have an influence on your perception of a community; please rate your satisfaction with each item for Riverdale Municipality

  Excellent Good  Fair Poor  Unknown
Overall appearance 
Overall feeling of safety
As a place to retire 
Available businesses 
Availability of affordable housing 
Recreational facilities 

* 2. Please rate the services that are offered in Riverdale Municipality:

  Excellent Good  Fair  Poor  Unkown
Law enforcement
Fire protection
Healthcare/Medical Services 
Garbage/recycling collection
Road conditions 
Snow Removal
Parks & recreational Services 
Animal control
Pedestrian safety
Street lighting 

* 3. What would you say are the top 3 STRENGTHS of Riverdale Municipality?

* 4. What would you say are the top 3 WEAKNESSES of Riverdale Municipality

* 5. What types of recreational activities do you feel are missing from Riverdale Municipality?

* 6. Please list businesses that are not in Riverdale Municipality that you would like to see

* 7. What do you feel Riverdale Municipality's number one priority should be to meet community needs?

* 8. BACKGROUND INFORMATION: In order for us to understand our audience, please let us know the following: Do you reside in the Town of Rivers, or Daly? Do you own or rent your house? How long have you lived in Riverdale Municipality? Do you commute longer than 40km to work, or, do you work in Riverdale Municipality?

* 9. Please feel free to write any additional comments or concerns regarding Riverdale Municipality