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SHRM-Atlanta is led by a team of volunteer leaders willing to share their knowledge, skills and time to make our chapter the premier HR community in metro-Atlanta.  If you are looking to volunteer with a genuine, engaged community of competent practitioners, then the SHRM-Atlanta Volunteer Leadership Team is your volunteer community.

Please note: You must be a current SHRM-Atlanta member to participate on the Volunteer Leadership Team.
  •  If you are interested in a Chair-level position or above, please fill out the following form to help us align your interests with our mission.
  • If you are interested in a Committee-level position, you do not need to fill out this form; please email with your interest.
Once you complete this form, someone from our volunteer leadership team to reach out within 10 business days for next steps!

The Volunteer Leadership Team

* 1. Please list current employer, and the best info so we can stay connected now and in the future.

* 2. What is your current connection to the HR profession?

* 3. Where are you in your career journey (pick the one that best describes you)?

* 4. Please indicate the areas of HR expertise in which you are experienced (check all that apply).

* 6. Please share a summary of your work experience.

* 7. If you have participated as a volunteer with SHRM-Atlanta, please list those roles and key accomplishments.

* 8. Which of the following areas are you currently interested in participating as a volunteer (select as many as you like)?

* 9. Which Volunteer Leadership Positions are you currently most interested in?

* 10. Many of our members have volunteered in various roles within the chapter over the course of their careers.  What are your future SHRM-Atlanta volunteer aspirations?

* 11. Which area of town would you consider to be your "community"?

* 12. Which best describes your current level of involvement with SHRM-Atlanta?

* 13. Is your SHRM-Atlanta membership active and in good standing?

* 14. How many hours per month would you be able to serve (not including your participation in regular chapter events (chapter meetings, etc.)?

* 15. What other skills or interests do you have that you would like us to consider in identifying a volunteer role for you?

* 16. Were you referred by a current member of SHRM-Atlanta?