* 1. Please select the one description that best defines your conservation role:

* 2. If you are a Federal or State Agency Employee, Conservation Group Member, or Funding Contributor, please tell us which agency or organization you are affiliated with:

* 3. How often have you provided a copy of the SHP report to others in the last two years? This includes mentioning that it is available via a link on the WGFD website

* 4. Please list those to whom you supplied the report

* 5. Describe how often you use (e.g. read, refer to, etc.) the Strategic Habitat Plan Report after your initial review of the published report

* 6. What information in the SHP report do you find most useful? (Please select the top three)

* 7. Is the length of the report:

* 8. Is the technical detail about the habitat projects:

* 9. Please rank your preference for method of receiving or accessing the report:

* 10. Comment if desired on your preferred method of receiving the Strategic Habitat Plan report:

* 11. Do you want to remain on the mailing list for receiving annual notification of the report's availability?

* 12. Skip this question if you are NOT a G&F Habitat Biologist. How do you use the SHP report? Indicate all that apply

* 13. Skip this question if you are not a G&F contributor to the report. Annually a large number of G&F personnel contribute information that is collected in the SHP report. Please provide your opinions and suggestions for improving the process of producing the report:

* 14. Is there anything else you would like to comment about regarding the annual Strategic Habitat Plan report?

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