JMReid Group is excited to announce our next Leadership Showcase. Our expertise is in highly engaging learning solutions that both respect and challenge the learner. We know that good adult learning provides the opportunity for learner choice. We want to give you that choice as you consider attending. Which of the following do you find of most interest – let us know.

Agility: In this fast-changing world, what inhibits our ability to quickly adapt and adjust, and what can we do as leaders to overcome the challenges for ourselves and our teams?

Accountability: Everyone believes they are accountable, and yet accountability remains a real organizational issue. This showcase focuses on providing clarity of what accountability is and how to create a culture of accountability.

Transformational Leadership: When an organization commits to meaningful change, its leaders face challenging choices every day. Becoming a transformational leader is about harnessing your Wise Advocate and building the mental habits to make decisions that reflect your best self.

We are looking forward to joining us. This year, we will have our spring showcase in the DC area. Location to be announced.

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* 2. If you have an alternative topic you are interested in, please share with us. Leadership is one of our top capabilities, and we want to know what our clients are interested in. 

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* 3. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey – we appreciate your feedback and the opportunity to put it into practice.

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