* 1. What type of debt did you have?

* 2. What was the total amount of debt and how fast did you pay it off?

* 3. How did you acquire the debt in the first place?

* 4. Describe the moment you decided that enough was enough, you needed to pay off your debt.

* 5. How did you end up paying off the debt? Please be as specific as possible.

* 6. Did you have a plan for paying off your debt that didn't work. Why did it fail?

* 7. Can you describe a time where your friends, family or significant other challenged your plan to pay off your debt? How did you deal with it?

* 8. Describe the moment that you made your last payment on your debt. When was it? What did it feel like?

* 9. What's next for you now that you are debt free?

* 10. Please tell us a little about yourself in a few sentences. Include any links that you would like included. Be sure to include your email so we can reach out to you! (If you would like to email us a picture to use in the guest post as well, please email millennialboss@gmail.com. Note, Millennial Boss reserves the right to select which, if any, guest submissions appear on the blog).

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