School Start Date

All public schools in the state of Wisconsin have been prohibited by legislation from starting school prior to September 1st since 2000. The District is considering submitting a School Start Date Waiver so that school may begin prior to September 1st. Some of the benefits of an earlier start date include:
  • the ability to build more inclement weather days into the calendar
  • start school two weeks prior to September 1st so that the school start date is closer to the start of sports practices and games. For instance, High School Football practices the whole month of August, and Volleyball starts mid-August.
  • additional instructional time before ACT, AP, and state test dates
  • eliminating the need to add minutes to the day, while still allotting for the correct number of days of instruction per contracts with employees.
The District will apply for the waiver due to the frequency of flooding events combined with other weather events that occur during the winter months.

Question Title

* 1. Would you be in favor of school starting prior to September 1st?