In what follows, interpret the phrase “X failed” as “X didn’t work as planned”. Failures of this sort could be major and catastrophic, resulting in the end of a project, or they could be more minor, forcing revision in project plans. They can also happen at any point in a project, from the initial planning stage to the final, dissemination stage. 
Of course, all projects require adjustments on the fly, and not all adjustments should be understood as failures. Modification in response to a failure, as opposed to a normal adjustment, will require that the project team attempted to execute a substantive project plan (e.g., write a proposal together, collect data together, collaboratively write a paper) and failed to execute it, resulting in a fundamental change to the plan. These plans are more than just “let’s meet on Wednesday at noon”, which would not count as a substantive project plan. Beyond this, we leave it up to you to determine what counts as failure.

This survey is designed to gather impressions about project failure from researchers who have engaged in collaborative research. We are especially interested in the assessment of the likelihood of failure in disciplinary collaborations when compared with inter/transdisciplinary collaborations.

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* 1. Have you participated in collaborative interdisciplinary or collaborative transdisciplinary projects?

(To clarify how we are distinguishing inter- and transdisciplinary projects in this survey please see:

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