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Thank you so much for your valuable feedback as I design an online course for couples ready to commit!

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* 1. I am in the process of developing a video education series for couples ready to commit, sort of like a pre-marital online workshop for couples who are looking for a relationship enrichment program that can be done from the comfort of their own home.

I would LOVE if you could please read the description of it below, and answer a few brief questions about your gut reactions to the proposed program. To thank you, I'd be happy to send you a copy of my new book/workbook to create your best relationship.

My first version will focus on the basics. If this piques your interest, I have ideas for deeper levels down the line. If you could please read the rough outline/description, and then answer a few simple questions for me, I would so appreciate it and am happy to share my new book with you!

This would be a 3 part video series with 2 or so videos for each. The goal is for couples to learn the keys to a fulfilling relationship that will last a lifetime.

Here is an outline:

PART I: The cutting edge new science behind love

(this will offer videos on "how we've gotten love all wrong" and "the 'science' behind the new science of love." Basically, I will discuss the last 20 years or so of research in the field of psychology/neurobiology and how it's been determined that emotionally safe, secure romantic relationships are a wired in need that support us in all areas of our lives, and how this hasn't yet been realized in mainstream society just yet)

PART II: Aligning your blueprint for love with the new science of love

(In this video series, we will look at each partner's "template" for love, and whether it is in sync with this new science of love. This part of the course will be about each partner understanding their own template and recognizing what they're looking for and sharing this, so they can help each other emulate the qualities of a secure bond that the new science behind love demonstrates we need)

PART III: When love goes right

(This video series will consist of "The 3 ingredients to happily ever after," and I will discuss the qualities that couples need to have to have a strong emotional bond with each other. I will also review the literature and offer "the weapons of happily married couples," to discuss a number of qualities that separate happily married people from unhappily married couples)

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* 2. What attracts you to the described offering?

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* 3. What turns you off about the described offering?

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* 4. Would this be something you'd seriously consider purchasing?

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* 5. How much would you expect to pay for an offering like this?

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* 6. Any other thoughts/reactions?

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* 7. So I can send you your copy of my new book, "Your Best Love: The Couples Workbook and Guide to Their Best Relationship," what is your name and email?