Student loan debt for audiologists and speech-language pathologists is mounting at an alarming rate! Currently, there are two federal programs for teacher and public service employees. Although audiologists and speech-language pathologists apply for these programs, they may often be denied. Some legislatures in other states are introducing and passing legislation that provides varying degrees of relief from debt for audiologists and SLPs who are willing to work in hard to staff areas. SHAV is highly supportive of decreasing student loan debt.  Please complete the survey below to tell us about the impact of your student debt.

* 1. Are you currently a student?

* 2. If yes, which university do you attend?

* 3. If you are an out of state student would you consider becoming a resident and working in Virginia?

* 4. Are you a professional who is already working in your field of choice?

* 5. Do you currently have existing student debt or do you anticipate a significant amount of student debt?

* 6. If you are currently accruing student debt, how much debt do you anticipate owing upon the completion of your education?

* 7. If you are a professional with ongoing student debt, how long have you been working in the fields of speech-language pathology or audiology?

* 8. If you are a professional with existing student debt, how much debt balance is still remaining for you?

* 9. Are you currently a resident of Virginia?

* 10. Would you be willing to work in a hard to staff area, setting, or with a low socio-economic populations for an agreed upon period of service if it offered you some debt relief?

* 11. What would you consider to be a reasonable period of service in exchange for debt relief?

* 12. Please choose the life experiences that will be significantly impacted or delayed due to your student debt. Please check all that apply.

* 13. Do you know the resources/support available to you for debt relief?

* 14. Do you know who to ask if you had a question about debt relief for a speech pathologist or audiologist?