Coding is a new language. Every child deserves to be fluent!    Africa Code Week

Coding is a basic literacy in the digital age. It is important for kids to not only be users of technology but also creators of it. Having children learn coding at a young age prepares them for the future. Coding helps children with communication, creativity, math, writing, and confidence.

While some schools do offer coding, it is not officially included in the curriculum in Primary School level at this stage.


The Cape Town Science Centre has been the Global Coordinator of Africa Code Week since 2016 and implemented many coding workshops during the school holidays. Based on the demand for these workshops and the feedback received, it is clear IT IS TIME to offer this highly relevant, engaging and fun activity as an after-school programme at our centre!

Building on our experience, we offer interaction with a selection of coding platforms…a candy shop full of exciting programmes to explore …think Scratch, Python, Small Basics, Stencyl, App Development and unplugged workshops.

Our programme has been evaluated by a leading educational specialist and builds a solid coding foundation promoting a deeper understanding of technology to catapult your child on an exciting coding learning journey!

Importantly, we invite your child to meet their tribe at the Cape Town Science Centre, and be part of a community of kids who come together and play to learn.

LET’S CODE 2019!

-      One workshop per week of 90 minutes per workshop

-      5 to 6 workshops per term
  • Term One – week beginning 11 February
  • Term Two – week beginning 8 April
  • Term Three – week beginning 15 July
  • Term Four – week beginning 7 October
Choose your Level
  • Level 1 (Grade 2 & 3) – Introduction to computational thinking and entry level coding. No experience required. A once off 5-week programme. Available in Term 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • Level 2 (Grade 4 to 6) - For Beginners. No experience required. A once off 6-week programme. Available in Term 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • Level 3 (Grade 4 to 6) - For those more Comfortable
  • If you feel your child fits outside of the parameters we have set for each level, please speak to us and let’s see how we can accommodate your child.
  • Once your child has completed Level 2, he/she can move to Level 3 in a new term. This will allow you flexibility in choosing which terms (max of two terms in 2019) you will be able to fit in coding as an extra mural activity in 2019.
  • At each level, children will be given time to really explore coding, our intention is not to rush (no pressure!) through this essentially fun and engaging learning journey.
  • Workshops will accommodate no more than 20 children.
  • The iCafe in the centre makes a mean cappuccino and offers free Wifi. A parent/guardian will not be required to pay an entry fee if they wait for their child to complete a workshop.
  • Information on Level 4 and plans for 2020 will be communicated later in the year.


Option one (t-shirt):

  • 7hrs and 30 minutes of coding
  • Certificate of Achievement for each Level completed
  • Coding tribe t-shirt

Option two (no t-shirt):

  • 7hrs and 30 minutes of coding
  • Certificate of Achievement for each Level completed

*Sign up for two terms and your child will receive a FREE Annual Membership to the Cape Town Science Centre (unlimited access to the CTSC for the entire year of 2019)



We would like to gauge your interest and needs as parents, and kindly request you to complete this short survey of 8 questions:

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* 1. Would you be interested in your child joining an after-school coding programme at the Cape Town Science Centre?

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* 4. Would you prefer a day in a weekend or a day during the week?

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* 5. What time slot would be most suitable?

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* 6. What coding apps or platforms has your child already used, if any?

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* 7. Do you feel your child fits outside the parameters we have set for the different levels?

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* 8. Would you like us to contact you to make further arrangements for your child to join the programme?

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