* 1. We know the Ashland bus is popular: ridership is the highest of all CTA routes with over 10 million boardings in 2012.

You may have also heard that CTA and CDOT are in the midst of an exciting study looking at center-running Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on Ashland Ave. between 95th St. and Irving Park Rd. Imagine if taking transit on Ashland meant 21st Century service that’s faster, more reliable, and more like taking the train. The plans for BRT will create a more welcoming environment for pedestrians and prioritize transit on the street by converting the center lanes on Ashland Ave. to bus-only lanes -- a smarter way to move people and better balance the needs of everyone who uses our streets.

If you are one of the thousands of people who use the Ashland bus, we want to hear your story. Please share a short testimonial. What is your average ride currently like? What about the current experience needs to be improved? Would faster and more reliable transit on Ashland improve your quality of life? How?

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