1. Educational Supplies (Art, Science, Industrial/Vocational)

* 1. Reviewed supplies and their labels(If chemical, labeled accurately with date of receipt/preparation and pertinent precautionary information).

* 2. Ensured that Material Safety Data Sheets are accessible.

* 3. Developed and implemented spill clean-up procedures.

* 4. Ensured that supplies are stored according to manufacturers' recommendations.

* 5. Understood and followed recommended procedures for disposal of used substances.

* 6. Ensured that compressed gas cylinders are stored securely.

* 7. Separated storage areas from main classroom are and ensured they are ventilated separately.

* 8. Used diluted substances rather than concentrates, whenever possible.

* 9. Minimized exposure to hazardous materials(i.e., used non-hazardous materials and pre-mixed products).

* 10. Ensured that fume hoods capture respirable particles, gases and vapors released within them.