Action Committee Survey

Hello, Action Committee! This survey will help us better understand your interests and ways you would like to help with NADP. Thank you for completing the survey!

* 1. What is your name?

* 2. What is your email address?

* 3. How many hours a week are you willing/able to commit to Action Committee duties?

* 4. Which Action Committee inititatives would you like to volunteer for?

* 5. What is your religious affiliation, if applicable? (Will be useful for death penalty faithful reflections.)

* 6. Are you affiliated with any other groups? (I.E. Kiwanis, Democratic, Republican, League of Women Voters)

* 7. How comfortable are you with using the internet?

* 8. How comfortable are you working with Google Documents?

* 9. What is the best way to reach you?

* 10. Any other comments or questions?