Option 2 Application

Students interested in Option 2 of the Global Legal Practice Externship Program should complete this survey with as much detail as possible. You will be contacted within a week of completing the application.

* 1. Please complete this information about yourself.

* 2. Please complete this information about your intended summer position.

* 3. Please describe the nature of your summer position. Feel free to copy and paste a posted description of the position from an advertisement or website if you think it better explains the work.

* 4. Please review the below externship requirements and confirm that you understand the terms of the program. The Program awards students 3 academic credits and requires participants to agree to the following conditions:

* To be supervised by an attorney or approved professional who assigns substantive legal work and provides regular feedback;

* To physically work in the employer's office a minimum of 200 hours over the summer;

* To produce at least 20 pages of legal research based written work that meets the satisfaction of the faculty member supervising the Program (no forms, boilerplate decisions or motions, etc.);

* To participate in the Externship Success Lecture in advance and check in online weekly with the faculty member supervising the Program;

* To chronicle the placement experience daily by objectively summarizing what you're doing and any legal issues and problems presented; and subjectively responding to the daily chronicle with observations about the placement or legal system; and

* To provide a four page subjective paper at the end of the summer on the placement experience