How Should Funds Be Spent in YOUR Community?

Have you heard that the federal government is making funds available to help local communities affected by the pandemic? Every town, school district, and county in the state is receiving funds that can be used for a broad range of things including helping families and children, small businesses, and nonprofits, or improving access to affordable housing, health care services, high-speed internet, transportation, and more.

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* 2. If you had the chance to tell your local officials how to spend these funds, how IMPORTANT do you think the following ways to spends the funds are?

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Hire people to help others access public benefits or get access to affordable healthcare
Expand access to transportation
Provide more safe and affordable housing
Increase daycare, tutoring, after-school programs and other ways to support children and families
Improve access to the internet (speed, reliability, affordability)
Help small businesses that were affected by the pandemic
Improve safety and reduce violence in our community
Create higher paying jobs
Increase healthcare services, including mental and behavioral health
Improve access to affordable, healthy foods