Share Your Examples of Nursing Excellence!

You'll be providing recognition for your nursing colleagues, and you'll be helping UVAHS document the great things we do, for our Magnet Journey!

* Your Name:

* Your Practice Area:

* Purpose/Background:
(What was the issue, problem, opportunity, goal, or other “trigger” that prompted this example?)

* Methods/Approach:
(HOW did the work get done? Think “ing” words: decision making, educating, negotiating, investigating evidence, using research or standards, communicating, collaborating, etc.)

* Structures:
(WHO was involved? WHERE or in what forum/ committee? WHAT was used by the group… data, regs, policies, budget, resources, etc.)

* Outcomes:
(SO WHAT?! What were the measurable outcomes?)

* Proving it:
(What supporting evidence can you provide? Minutes, agendas, education materials, quotes, screen shots, etc)

Thanks so much for taking the time to share these exemplars!