Your thoughts on this film will help take action on climate change

View film at FB: keepacoolworld or Youtube: changing the tide

* 1. What were the powerful moments in the film for you and what were the emotions that came up?

* 2. What was the main thing you personally took from the film?

* 3. Would it prompt you to take any steps to reduce your carbon footprint (if so, what steps)?

* 4. If not, what might influence you to take decisive action?

* 5. Is there a particular question you're left with?

* 6. For children viewers, please answer these next 4 questions. What did you like about the film?

* 7. Which person did you relate to and why?

* 8. Would you like to know more about what people can do about climate change?

* 9. What worries or questions came up for you?

* 10. What would you like your parents or carers to do about climate change ?