* 2. What success have you seen so far?

* 3. What changes would you like to make in your business in the next 3 months?

* 4. How confident do you feel that you could make these changes without coaching?

* 5. In what way do you want coaching to help you make these changes? ex: accountability, strategies, etc.

* 6. What would make coaching successful for you?

* 7. What long term changes do you want to work towards?

* 8. Are you willing to learn new strategies and use new technologies in online marketing? Is there anything you are not willing to do ex: video, social media ads etc.

* 9. Tell Us About Yourself

* 10. By checking the box below you understand that coaching services provided are not the same as clinical counseling, we assume you are healthy and have everything you need to succeed from a mental and emotional standpoint. A coach asks you the right questions to help lead you to come to your own conclusions and solutions. Strategies provided are only suggestions and may not work for everyone. There are no guaranteed to outcomes because we do not have control over your personal choices, actions and use of the information nor with business coaching can we control the market, customers decisions or the quality of your products or services.