Interested Applicant Letter

Currently, the open seats for appointment in the Student Government Association (SGA) are the following:

(1) Executive Board - Treasurer
(4) Senate - Elko Campus
(1) Senate - Battle Mountain Center
(1) Senate - Ely Center
(1) Senate - Pahrump Valley Center

If you are not a student at one of these locations, there are no applicable seats and your application will not be considered at this time. However, this does not mean there may not be seats available during Fall Elections. Keep an eye out for any SGA updates through fliers on campus or our Facebook page, "Great Basin College Student Government Association." This application must be completed by Wednesday, July 31st at 12PM.


Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in becoming an active part of your college. Allow me to wish you well on your journey to becoming a SGA officer. Your role as an officer in the SGA is an important one. Most of the decision-making authority for GBC students is entrusted to the SGA as a whole. The Student Government Association exists to provide equal representation to all students attending GBC, and to make decisions on their behalf.

There are some minimum requirements needed of all officers in order to serve within SGA. First, you must be in good academic standing within the college. GPA requirements to hold any office in the SGA stands at a 2.5 or higher. Officers must also commit to weekly Friday meetings. For students interested in the branch centers, officers attend these meetings by interactive video at their respective locations. Officers must also attend a mandatory officer retreat in October. In addition, officers must also complete classroom speaking engagements throughout the semester and try to plan and attend a percentage of SGA events. Most importantly, it is the duty of any officer to act as representatives of the student body. They are expected to listen and report on issues affecting the students of GBC. SGA officers must also serve as informers to the student body, informing them of current events and issues within the college and SGA.

It is also expected that candidates for office have a general understanding of the SGA constitution, its bylaws, statutes, and Robert’s Rules of Order. For your reference, a copy of our constitution and bylaws are available on the GBC website at, under "Governing Documents," in the "General Documents" link.

The Executive Board will review the applications and verify qualifications. Qualified candidates will be notified by the end of normal business hours on Wednesday, July 31st. You must then be present at the Friday, August 2nd special SGA meeting where an open seat is to be filled, it is expected that all selected candidates prepare and give a 3 minute speech. These candidates should also be prepared for a Senatorial hearing in which there will be a question and answer period. After these actions are completed, the Senate will have a discussion and then a roll call vote will be taken in order to decide which candidate should be appointed to the seat.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. I can be reached by phone 775.753.2256 or by email at:

Thank you for your interest and good luck.

Alex Porter
Student Government Association President