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Louisiana’s Legislature: Where Are the Women?

* 1. Which one of the following statements comes closest to your opinion about men and women as political leaders?

* 2. Do you agree/disagree with the following statement: “Women bring something to the legislative process that is lacking when only men serve"

* 3. If you had a daughter who was preparing to enter the working world, would you encourage her to seek a role in public office?

We’d like to ask you some questions about the differences between men and women in public office. For each of these questions, if you think their sex doesn’t make any difference, just tell me. In general, do you think men or women in public office are better at:

* 4. Standing up for what they believe in, despite political pressure

* 5. Keeping government honest

* 6. Working out compromises

* 7. Dealing with crime and public safety

* 8. Dealing with social issues such as education and health care

* 9. Representing the interests of people like you

* 10. Dealing with national security and defense

As you may know, there are more than 2 million women in Louisiana, but only 16 serve in the legislature; our country has 8 women Governors out of 50, and 16 women Senators out of 100. There may be many reasons that there are fewer women than men in political offices. Here is a list of some of them. For each, please tell me whether you think it is a major reason, a minor reason, or not a reason why there are fewer women in politics.

* 11. Many Americans aren’t ready to elect a woman to public office

* 12. Women are discriminated against in all areas of life, and politics is no exception

* 13. Women’s responsibilities to family don’t leave time for politics

* 14. Generally speaking, women aren’t tough enough for politics

* 15. Few women have the experience required for higher office

* 16. Women who are active in party politics get held back by men