Help the Presbytery of Coastal Carolina learn how to best share the good news of what God is doing in our congregations by answering (very honestly) these 8 questions. You rock!

* 1. Have you watched or listened to any of the stories from

* 2. If you answered "no," please go to and view or listen to one of the stories right now finishing the survey. 

* 3. We appreciate the congregations who shared their sacred stories with us. What words would you share about how you were affected by this story from their congregation? (Please mention which story or congregation you're talking about...we will pass along your words to their congregation)

* 4. What else do you think about the sacred story you saw/heard? (check all that apply...and be honest)

* 5. What do you feel inspired to do after hearing this story?

* 6. What is one story or ministry where you have seen the Spirit at work in your congregation? (ex: the time we advertised a day of free oil changes for single parents...connecting underutilized skills in our congregation with unaddressed needs in our community and both being blessed)

* 7. Do you know anyone in your congregation or community with any of these skills or passions who might help record more Sacred Stories about the movement of the Spirit in your congregation? (feel free to put yourself or people you know so that names can be bounced around in your congregation's future're not signing anyone up for anything!)

* 8. Please share your contact information with us