Playtime Games survey about card sleeves

Welcome to the Playtime Games survey. We are hoping to find information about your favourite, and not so favourite card sleeves. We are reviewing which sleeves we stock, and your feedback will help direct us to the best products for you!

* 1. Do you use card sleeves with your board games?

* 2. When was the last time you bought card sleeves?

* 3. How much did you spend on card sleeves last time you purchased them?

* 4. What is the most important feature about card sleeves when you are making your choice? (choose only one)

* 5. What feature is least important to you when buying card sleeves (choose one)?

* 6. If you don't use card sleeves, what is the reason you don't use them?

* 7. Please share your most vivid card sleeve experience story with us.