Children's Campus Program Survey (SFSU Faculty / Staff)

Dear Faculty and Staff,

The Children's Campus is celebrating its 3rd year this month! For those of you who may not be familiar with our program, we are a child care, training and research facility located on campus (North State Drive at Lake Merced) which gives priority enrollment to SFSU Faculty and Staff.

As we celebrate our 3rd year, we are asking you to please complete this Children's Campus Program Survey to help us find out more about the university community’s child care needs and services.

To get more information on our program please see our website at

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Tracy Farstad

* 1. Your family category

* 2. Were you aware that the Children's Campus provided care for children of faculty and staff?

* 3. Do you have children enrolled in another facility? If so please share your reasons for choosing that center over the Children's Campus.

* 4. Our current policy admits children starting at 6 months old, does this meet your child care needs?

If not, what age would better meet your families’ needs?

* 5. Hot lunch program: Would you be interested in an optional delivered hot lunch program? Families would sign up and pay on their own (average $25 week).

* 6. The Children's Campus current summer program runs from early June to mid-August (10 weeks). What type of summer schedule would be ideal for your family?

* 7. Summer / School Year Break: To provide possible home visits and extra staff development for our teachers, would a 9 week summer with two weeks off before the new school year begins work with your family schedule?

* 8. Home Visits: We are looking into providing home visits during the summer before the school year starts for new families. Is this something you would be interested in?