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Are you interested in improving Mental Health services in Western Australia?
The Mental Health Network  (MHN) is open to everybody. There are currently 10 Mental Health Sub Networks (Sub Networks) and our members include:
- health professionals (such as doctors, psychiatrists; nurses and social workers);
- consumers, families and carers;
- policy-makers;
- researchers and academics; and
- service providers and non-government organisations.
As a member of the MHN you will be informed of opportunities to get involved, attend networking events, participate in consultations, and other items relevant to your areas of interest.
As a member you will receive a quarterly e-newsletter to keep you informed of the ongoing work of the MHN.

To join one or more of the Sub Networks, or to update your membership details on our database, please fill in your information below.
PLEASE NOTE:  The MHN operates as an independent body that is supported administratively by the Western Australian Mental Health Commission (MHC).  By signing up as a member of the MHN (and Sub Networks) you are consenting to receive information from the MHN and to your personal information being collected, and shared with: 
- the MHC (for MHN business only);
- the MHN Clinical and Community Co-Leads who oversee the Network;
- the Clinical and Community Co-Chairs of each of the 10 Sub Network Steering Groups; and
- various automated email distribution lists including, but not limited to, Mail Chimp (for MHN business only).

Your personal information will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided it and will not be used for any other purposes without your consent.
If you have any queries or require assistance completing the registration/unsubscribe form, please call the MHC on 6553 0600 or email

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