* 1. Do you read the regular email newsletter, Second District Scoop?

* 2. How about the frequency of the Second District Scoop? Is it...

* 3. How is the length of the Second District Scoop? (7-10 items per email)

* 4. Do you prefer emails in newsletter form (multiple topics less often) or by single topic (more often)?

* 5. What key words or topics make you more likely to read the contents of the Scoop?

* 6. Is there a particular day of the week you prefer to received PTA newsletters?

* 7. Is there a particular time of day that you tend to read or prefer to receive e-newsletter or general PTA communications? (meaning- you're more likely to act on an item vs. set it aside for later)

* 8. You prefer to receive most of your PTA communications by

* 9. How often do you visit the Second District PTA website?

* 10. Why do you visit www.sfpta.org?

* 11. What is your experience using www.sfpta.org?

* 12. Do you find the information on the website to be current and relevant?

* 13. How can we make our website better?

* 14. Please indicate which social media platforms you use.

* 15. Have you "liked" our Facebook page? (Second District PTA)

* 16. Do you follow us on Twitter? (@SanFranciscoPTA)

* 17. Do you follow us on Instagram? (SanFranciscoPTA)

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