Welcome to the Salesforce New User Registration Form

Please help us to help you register to use the Salesforce/BasicGov permit system. We will use the information below to make sure we can contact you to start the registration process, and to contact you regarding "Lunch and Learns" and other trainings on the new system.

Within 24-48 hours of your completing this form, staff will set you up as a user in the Salesforce/BasicGov system.  At that time, you'll receive an email from the system asking you to set up a password. After you provide a password, you will be able to log into the system and start and track your permits, licenses and certifications. You'll also be able to request inspections online and make payments online. 

At this time, ONLY the following permits can be applied for online: tent, fence, sign, temp encroachment, permanent encroachment, and tree.  In addition, you can apply for contractor licenses and certifications.  In the future, we will expand the list to include all remaining permit types, land use planning cases, and construction-related violations. 

If you need assistance with the new system, please reach out to sfsupport@cityofaspen.com or 970-920-5065.

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