Applying for the reassessment of an individual player's Points allocation

Under 7.3 of the AFL Victoria Player Points System Policy (2019), Metropolitan Leagues and Region Commissions may, acting reasonably, reassess an individual player’s Player Points Allocation where it is deemed inappropriate based on playing history and circumstances. In addition, Community Clubs may make an application detailing relevant evidence regarding the reassessment of a player to its relevant Metropolitan League or Region Commission.

Any reassessment against a Player Point Allocation must be made online to the SFNL no later than Friday 10:00am before the player’s first Senior Home and Away Match of each Season. The SFNL appointed sub-committee will provide a determination on each reassessment received online by Friday close of business.

Once the process in clauses 3.7 and 3.8 of the Player Points System Policy has been undertaken, any player’s Player Point Allocation will be fixed for that Season unless the Southern Football Netball League is of the view that there are exceptional circumstances relevant to a player that warrant an amendment of the Player Point Allocation during the Season.

Please complete the following survey to apply for the reassessment of an individual player's Points Allocation.

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