Please take a moment to let us know what YOUR needs are in raising your child with special needs. The Family Resource Network, Inc. is a parent run, parent driven family support organization that is here for YOU! Please let us know what type of information and support would be helpful to you.

* 1. My child has a:

* 2. I am interested in learning more about:

* 3. I have heard/heard of a speaker that I would recommend or be interested in hearing - Please recommend a speaker or topic of interest.

* 4. I would be interested in attending a support group for:

* 5. I live in the following county:

* 6. If you'd like to attend trainings or support group meetings which of the following would you need?

* 7. The best time of day for a training for me is:

* 8. To better support my child/young adult at home I need:

* 9. If you'd like to be added to our newsletter and/or e-mail distribution list please provide your contact information