1. Application - Professional Editing in Final Cut Pro 7

The Writers Guild of America, East, with the generous assistance of the Consortium for Worker Education, is pleased to offer three free courses to members who want to learn more about Final Cut Pro. Each course will be taught in the state-of-the-art facility at the Borough of Manhattan Community College.

Final Cut Pro is at the center of digital media production. It empowers creators to store and edit their material in a format that has been very widely adopted. Apple recently released a new version of the software – Final Cut Pro X.

We will offer three courses in FCP X – one introductory, one more advanced, and a third that will be either, based on member interest. Each course will include 24 hours of instruction in the classroom, probably in back-to-back 8 hour days. Depending on students’ schedules, these classes will probably be offered in January, February, and March 2012. Note: the WGAE will make Flip Cameras available to students enrolled in these classes.

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* 4. How are you currently employed as a Guild writer? Choose all that apply.

* 5. Do you have access to Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro X or Express at your workplace? In your home?

* 6. Have you taken a course or workshop in Final Cut previously?

* 7. Are you familiar with the following?

* 8. What editing software do you currently use professionally if any?

* 9. Are you currently working on a project that would be enhanced by having editing skills in Final Cut?
If yes, please describe your project and how the new skills would help you.

* 10. If you are already familiar with the Final Cut user interface, are you interested in learning more advanced features?